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Professional Translation
& Copywriting Services


Already have your text, but need it in a different language?


When you know roughly what you want to say, but don't quite have the right words to say it.



Want us to check over a text you already have, to make sure it's up to scratch?

Certified translations

Need certified translations? Drop us a line.

*For use in Portugal only.

Why choose Translasaurus?

We’re a dedicated team of certified translators and copywriters who transform businesses and expand their reach through language.

We help small businesses play against the big boys by translating their content into new languages - not just the words, but the all-important brand voice and message.

Because we believe that amazing ideas should never get lost in translation.

We translate more than words...

We want your business to reach the people it deserves, and that is done by bridging the language gap. But we don’t just translate your words. 


Don’t just take our word for it…

A Dra. Luciana Ruas, enquanto tradutora técnica, é uma excelente profissional. Recomendo.

David Vasquez Barros

Author of "Maritime Piracy. The Applicable Legal Framework and Current Problems"

Other services 


Website content makeover 

Even if you’re staying in one language for now, your online content is your bridge to your customers. We will give your website a “content makeover” and improve your readability (and engagement!)


Blogging services

All successful business websites have a colourful blog catalogue. We offer regular blogging services to keep your traffic ticking over. 


Other professional copywriting services 

We’re also accredited copywriters who can produce accurate copy written for your specific audience, whether for social media, newsletters or brochures.


Are we speaking your language?

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