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Translation Company of the Year- Portugal 2020/2021

Updated: May 12, 2021

As we write this, we’re looking incredulously at each other, having just got a phone call from a lovely lady at Corporate Livewire to give us the news:

We won Best in the category “Translation Company of the Year” for Portugal in the 2020/2021 Prestige Awards!

Made all the more surprising because as a company, we’re only a year old. But maybe that factored into their decision? Maybe they had a close look at the testimonials we submitted from our clients, the variety of companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and our long-term plans of how we want to leave our mark on the region we call home, the Algarve, and saw our drive behind it all.

On the phone, the soft Brummy voice on the other end of the call asked how things were looking down here because of the pandemic, and I had to admit they’re looking bleak. Restaurants, hotels and hostels are closing left right and centre, unemployment is up and with a seemingly endless lockdown in place, that glimmer at the end of the tunnel is hard to see.

But we’re still fighting, and in a year as tough as this one has been all around, our first year as a fully-fledged company, we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve come to achieve. We’ve translated and written marketing content for architecture firms, a big Irish tourist agency and a renowned campervan hire company, provided multilingual content for websites in areas more diverse than we could ever imagine. We’ve helped (more than a few) museums communicate better, translated a couple of books, audio tours and guided tours across Portugal, as well as master’s theses and financial documents. We’ve provided legal translations for firms and individuals, and certified translations for all occasions. We certainly hit the ground running, going on to build on our services, adding interpreting, which, although recent, has enabled us to help local expats navigate Portuguese bureaucracy by guiding them through a range of appointments.

This award means we’ll get featured in Corporate Livewire’s magazine, and covid-permitting there’ll be an awards ceremony at some time in the future, which means more people will hear about the services we’re providing. So, we’d like to thank Corporate Livewire for the recognition, and hope our Dino logo catches the eye of anyone needing to communicate whatever it may be, in a different language.

But that’s enough about us as a company, because none of what we’ve achieved in the last year would have been possible without other people:

Perfectionist translators who dip into their well of knowledge for each job, crafting translations of all shapes and sizes. Clients who allow us into their worlds, extending our reach and showing us new horizons. Professional relationships we’ve forged that give a constant stream of emails and phone calls a human quality amid the chaos that is this pandemic.

To the people who work with Translasaurus, whether directly or indirectly, to all our customers and partners, our heartfelt thanks. We are ALL Translasaurus, and this prize is ours!

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