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Interning at Translasaurus: The Experience of a Lifetime

Summer has come around, bringing me to the end of my academic path, and if there’s one thing I can say for sure, it’s that there’s nothing worse than trying to get a job without any work experience. I’d know, as, before this year, I’d never had a job. My lack of professional experience combined with being an almost graduate from a master’s in translation was already giving me a tension headache at the thought of attempting to break into the job market for the first time.

And it was precisely with my sights set on the future that I decided that the last year of my master’s would be the perfect time to get stuck into the long-awaited academic internship.

There’s nothing like jumping in at the deep end

Many say that interning at a company is an excellent way to both acquire new knowledge and gain experience in the job market – an experience that catapults you into the world of work without so much as a parachute. However, for me, the idea of ​​interning in a completely new environment, dealing with the unknown (and, according to Portuguese tradition, most likely unpleasant) people for three months while wading through my first experience of professional life had me quaking in my boots. To make matters worse, I just couldn’t find a company to take me on during the timeframe I had for the internship, which made it that much harder to stay positive. I put my all into keeping my head up.

And suddenly, amid a whole load of uncertainty and anxiety, Translasaurus appeared like a shining beacon of light.

Translasaurus: bridging the gap between real people

Some may say that my internship at Translasaurus came about by mere coincidence – but if that’s the case, it was, without a doubt, one of the happiest accidents of my life. Though it’s a small and relatively new company, Translasaurus is not only committed to translation itself but also embraces and remains faithful to the concept of creating “from people to people”, coined by Luci and Nelson – a vision I embraced wholeheartedly.

I have to say that facing up to such a daring, challenging vision positively surprised me, as there’s still a lot of stigma and scepticism associated with creative translation in the translation world. However, Translasaurus made it clear that it’s our differences that set us apart and that their approach to translation - in addition to providing the necessary tools for effective communication in another language - also helps create lasting, genuine connections through the power of language and creativity: two of the pillars and fundamental elements behind the Translasaurus brand.

To my surprise, the challenge didn’t fill me with dread. On the contrary, their passion made me want to work towards the “dream”, throwing myself headlong into Translasaurus’ unique, breath-taking vision.

A mere internship or a life lesson?

So, how would I describe my 3-month internship at Translasaurus?

Well, let’s say that my main focus when the internship kicked off was not to mess up – the 7 deadly sins for interns were ringing clearly in my ears – but I quickly realised that being held back by a fear of failure, without even trying, would become one of my biggest mistakes. And that’s when I decided to put all my energy into learning.

For three months, my motto became to simply relax and ride the wave, though there were some choppy seas along the way… but you know what they say: a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. I can safely say I navigated three turbulent months, venturing into the immensity of the sea of ​​translation and copywriting (which I’d never even heard of before). Still, I soon saw that this coming and going of successes and failures contributed to my professional and personal growth.

I don’t want to sound cheesy but becoming a part of Luci and Nelson’s world and working with them, side by side, as a solid, united team, was an enriching experience – the dread of not being able to finish a project on time and feeling like I was running around like a headless chicken when it came to time management was well worth it!

From the specifics of the translation market to ethical and work methodologies and an introduction to copywriting and project management, it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t have learned what I learned if I hadn’t had the pleasure of interning at Translasaurus.

Debunking myths and advice for future interns

The experience was certainly far from plain sailing, but what left a lasting impression was the brilliant guidance, positive energy, and friendly approach provided by Luci and Nelson, who not only believed in my potential and gave me the space and time necessary to improve my skills but also debunked several myths about internships - especially when it came to business environments and the way interns are treated. And this made all the difference, because, at the end of the day, I no longer saw myself as a mere intern; I became part of Translasaurus and everything it stands for.

And with that, I ended up doing something all interns should attempt to do: choose a company that excels both in excellence and professionalism and in the close, trusting, and equal relationships it builds with its customers and employees. Working from people, to people.

by Maria Azevedo

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