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About us

Sobre nós Translasaurus

We’re a young team who wants to bring a fresh, new take to something that’s as old as time (although we don’t think it goes back quite as far as the dinosaurs). In the diluted, busy world of today, we’re bringing focus back to the true power of communication.


We want to give you the tools to “speak your customers’ language“. To connect with them on a deep level and create those all-important relationships. That’s what brings true value to your business.

We’re a small agency because that’s how we work best, so that we can give you our full attention and make sure we’re meeting your needs. A ‘good enough’ attitude where we provide ‘passable’ work does not fly with us, and it shouldn’t with you either.

Who are we?

Why choose us?

We’ll give you everything automatic machine translations can’t, because what they’ll never be able to do is recreate a message so that it reaches another culture. That true connection that is established through language shared between real people. 

Automatic translators don’t know that the main "Christmas Dinner" in Portugal is on the evening of the 24th, rather than on the 25th of December. They don’t know that Carnival and Pancake Day celebrate the same thing. And they don’t know that “camel drool” (baba de camelo) is a delicious dessert, and not actually a humped, four-legged animal’s spit. 

But we do.

Each member of our team has been carefully selected because we have seen the quality they bring to their work. More than precision and accuracy (which, of course, are essential), they bring creativity – that unique human touch that requires care and attention.

Our translators and copywriters are experienced in their art, and all we’re doing is connecting you to them, so that you can benefit from the magic they create.

We can’t claim to have thousands of translators working for us, or to provide every single language all over the world. But that's because we make sure what we do provide is as good as it can be. And that takes time and attention.

We are Translasaurus. Bringing the power back to language by using it correctly.

Our team

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